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What are the most common outdoor pet?

One common outdoor pet is a dog. There are many different types of dogs, there are dogs that are calm, or aggressive, there are dogs that are small and there are dogs that are large. Dogs can be good to be used as protection because they have a good sense of smell.

Dog – Dogs are social animals and they make great pets. The average life span of a dog is 10-15 years. The size of each dog varies depending on the breed of the dog. It is believed that the origin of different breeds of dogs come from all over the world, and dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago, and believed to be wolf like ancestors. Dogs are omnivores eating meat, grains and vegetables. Most commercial dog foods contains all the nutrients a dog needs. Dogs require a lot of time to take care of. They need outdoor exercise daily of running or walking for 30 minutes at least twice a day. Dogs also require quality time with its owner or family.

Caring for a dog is not always easy, they require grooming depending on the breed of the dog, and you can also brush them so that they do not get tangles in their hair, which could lead to skin problems. Dental care for dogs is also important. A dog needs to have its teeth brushed weekly to keep its teeth and gums healthy. Dogs are social animals, they like to be played with which will help keep your dog well. Dogs like to belong to a family which they regard as their pack, properly socialized dogs will be loyal companions. Few things you should know about dogs is that they can not be left alone for a long periods of time. You should always clean up after your dog. Dogs need regular grooming and dogs need to be trained.





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