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What are the Most Common Indoor Pets?

There are many common indoor pets. If you are a pet lover a lot of animals can become your indoor pet. Here are some common indoor pets:

Cats – Cats are very friendly animals. They do not require a lot of attention, but they do require care and time like any other animal. Most cats live an average of 14-17 years, and the oldest reported cat that has ever lived was 30 years old. Cat sizes depend on its breed, most cats normally weight 1.8 to 5.4kg (4 to 12 pounds). It is believed that the origin of cats is from Egypt and domesticated thousands of years ago from wildcats of Africa. Cats are carnivores and most commercial cat foods have all the nutrients a cat needs. Cats do not need a lot of attention, they are fairly independent. The minimum amount of time required for a cat is 30-60 minutes a day.

Although most cats do not need as much grooming, long haired cats should be brushed regularly and all cats need their claws trimmed. It is good to have your cat have toys that move and jump like imaginary prey to stimulate their curiosity and instinct to stalk and pounce. Or you can simply play a peek-a-boo game around doors and corners with your cat. If you keep your cat in an indoor environment your cat will live a longer and healthier live. Supervised outdoor activities can enrich your cat's experience. Just like dogs, cats also like being around people. Cats are clean, quiet, and require very little space, and they can be easily litter box trained. When they are litter box trained you can keep them indoors all the time.

Rabbits – Rabbits can be great pets, but they should be handled with care. Rabbits are very fragile, you should not give a child a pet rabbit because they could do more harm to it than good. Another reason why you should not give children rabbits as pets because rabbits have special ways to be picked up so that they do not kick. Rabbits develop bonds with their owner and can be very affectionate pets. A rabbits life span average is 7-12 years depending on its breed. Rabbits weight approximately 1.5 to 5.5kg. The origin of rabbits were bred from the wild European cotton tail and their status is domesticated.

Rabbits eat commercial pellets, hay, and other supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables. Rabbits need social time outside of their cage daily. Their cage needs to be cleaned once a week and litter should be changed every other day. Rabbits are very quiet animals, they rarely make noise. They have unique personalities and they are diurnal. Rabbits require a calm environment that allows for ample daily exercise. Rabbits can chew on plants, electrical and phone cords so be aware if you are going to keep a rabbit inside your house. Make sure you have rabbit proofed your house before letting your rabbit out of its cage inside your home. Rabbits chew on electrical wires and phone cords to wear down constantly growing teeth.

Hamsters, Mice, and Guinea Pigs – Hamsters and Mice life an average life span on 2-3 years. Hamsters are larger than a mouse and smaller than a guinea pig. Hamsters have originated in North China, Siberia, Iran and Mongolia. Hamsters are omnivore and they eat a mixture of seeds, nuts and pellets; they also eat fresh fruits, vegetables and hay. Both hamsters and mice are low maintenance pets, and easy to care for. You just need to put in exercise devises in the cage so that they can exercise.

Guinea pigs live an average of 5-7 years and they grow to approximately 750g-1kg. They were originated in Peru. Guinea pigs are herbivore animals, they like fresh fruits, vegetables, hay and special commercial pellets containing vitamin C. Guinea pigs require calm environment and a large habitat that will allow them to get plenty daily exercise. Since guinea pigs have long hair, they require grooming.

Reptiles and birds – Both reptiles and birds could be high maintenance pets. Parrots live from anywhere from 40 to 100 years and they require a special diet and a lot of attention. You can not fed birds just seeds, they need a varied diet. Reptiles exotic and domestic animals, they need special care, they grow large and eventually they will suffer silently and then die an early death. These animals are best if they are kept in their natural habitat.

Fish – Fish are exiting animals. There are many different aquatic animal you can get to keep your tank happy. You can get either salt water or fresh water animals, you can get numerous different animals with different sizes and colors.


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